Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Come On, Summer. Let Go.

DSC_2221_7090Summertime is hanging on by some very thin roots.  Kind of like a guest that simply can’t take the hint to leave even when you turn out the lights.
The weather here has been like summer in most of the country…highs in the 70s with sunny skies.  Volunteer tomatoes and watermelons are trying to make a go of it.DSC_2222_7091The tomatoes are trying to reclaim the pea patch and the watermelon is trying to survive in the garlic bed.  I suspect they would grow even with shorter supplies of sunlight.DSC_2238_7108Even the remaining Gold Currant Tomatoes may find it harder to survive later this week.  By Friday, those warm temperatures in the 70s will give way to a rainy day in the 50s.  You can imagine my delight.  I’m hoping for loads of frosty, freezing weather to help kill any bugs on/in the deciduous fruit trees.  Farmer Fred has posted a nice checklist of things to do to get ready for winter. 
The winter garden is beginning to mature.  Radishes and beets have been harvested along with some stray green onions.  This might be a good weekend to pick the last of the tiny tomatoes and peppers and make way for more onions.
Summertime will be showing up way before I’m ready for it – just like that guest that can’t take a hint.


Sue said...

We've gotten a warm up here in N. Michigan and I laughed when I saw the beds I spread compost on---lots of little tomato sprouts. Well, they won't last long-freezing temps headed back in next week. But, they sure are stubborn!

Glennis said...

Tomatoes are surely survivors - as a species, of course, not individuals. I used to work at a place where routinely, an off-site caterer used to set up regular buffets in the lobby. They always unloaded/loaded their van in the same little grassy place by the curb, and often the food waste would get spilled on the ground. We constantly had volunteer tomatoes growing here, due to the salads being spilled.

dorothy said...

I pulled up three tomato volunteer seedlings yesterday. I hated to do it but I wanted the space to plant some bulbs. There were little tomatoes on them too, but I don't think they would have ripened.