Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanks in the Garden


Moon Flower seed pod.

Thanksgiving is about the best time of the year.  There’s so much to be thankful for and I have a list.


Boysenberry vines.

  • The sun is at a great angle where nothing is really burning up like it is in the summer – it only looks that way.  Thanks.
  • I’m grateful to be able to grow, harvest, prepare, and preserve my own food.  There are so many needy souls that have no clue how simple it is to live simply AND healthfully for so much less than it takes to live the processed food lifestyle.


I have no clue what this plant is calledHarmony Heavenly Bamboo?  If you know please let me knowThanks to Dorothy for providing the answer.

  • Some plants thrive in this garden.  Some plants don’t.  I curse those that give up and grateful that those are few in number.  Thanks for the hardy plants.
  • Plans are made but seldom do growing seasons go according to plan.  I am grateful that I can be flexible.


Fantasia Nectarine.

  • The smell and feel of healthy soil is still one of the best smells I know.  I’m grateful to have enough self discipline to not eat the stuff like I did as a kid. 
  • Thank goodness I can still bend down and work in the garden even though some days it’s very, very questionable.


Red Flame Grapevine.

  • There are many that make fun of where I live – Bakersfield (Oildale to be precise.), California.  I’m glad I live where I do and thankful that I can appreciate so many things about my home.
  • I’m real glad that I’m fortunate enough to have a super, duper camera and am able to capture images of the garden as it progresses.  It’s a nice reference tool for me.


Jarrahdale Pumpkins waiting their Thanksgiving Day fate.

  • You know what?  I’m really glad that I don’t have to post to this blog each and every day.  This is a nice thing to have and I’m glad that it’s mostly on my terms.  Thanks.
  • I’m thankful to the bloggers that are able to maintain a daily post.  Those are truly inspired people.


Home grown, fresh picked, newly pickled beets.

  • The endurance to survive “swamp pants” season is something to truly be grateful for.
  • I am so very grateful that the despicable season known as “swamp pants” is over.  I will enjoy this brief respite from perspiration.
  • RAIN!  Don’t forget to be thankful for the sweet, sweet rain.

Hope everyone will enjoy a great Thanksgiving.

PS – I still haven’t bought a new salad spinner.  Stay tuned.


dorothy said...

My moonflowers didn't produce seeds. In fact, they barely produced any flowers at all! I guess it wasn't warm enough in my part of the valley. The unidentified plant could be nandina/Heavenly Bamboo. I'm always pulling up seedlings from that plant. Happy Thanksgiving!

Helen said...

I sure can sympathize with the "swamp pants" season! Love reading your stuff! Hope you have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I want some of your pickled beets SO badly! Hey, Bakersfield is a nice place to live. Home is where your family is. I get just as much grief for living in Frazier Park! You always inspire me to push myself harder in the garden and try new things. Thanks for another great post.

Donna said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I enjoyed reading all the things you're thankful for.

Have a good week!


Dorothy's right. Thanks for the info.

Glennis said...

Oh, those pickled beets. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.