Saturday, November 26, 2011

Three Quarters White Trash & Wild Turkey

DSC_2241_7178I have a road trip buddy that is Louise to my Thelma.  Louise - because I believe she is capable of shooting and killing a predator ala Susan Sarandon in Thelma and Louise.  She would also be smashing in a chiffon scarf driving an old T Bird.  Does that mean that I get Brad Pitt?  Louise is always very proud of her California Indian heritage.  It turns out that she is 1/4 Wukchumni Injun.  Doing the math associated with her genealogy, I concluded that she was therefore three quarters white trash.  I blessed her with this Indian name during our most incredibly unforgettable trip from Bakersfield, California to Custer’s Last Stand in Montana. Sure, they won the battle; but we won the war.  (Note:  Currently, casinos seem to be winning the war so it seems I was wrong.  They are now winning again.)  Today, we took off on a short road trip up to Glennville.  What a nice drive.  We ended up at the rodeo grounds at a craft faire.  No good.  We cruised on down the road visiting and laughing without any musical soundtrack.

A couple of years ago I went down Blue Mountain Road but didn’t go far enough.  Today, we headed down the road to find where it led.  The quail were thick, the cattle thicker.  We went all the way down to the end of the pavement – probably a dozen cattle crossings.  Just as I turned the car around and crossed the 1st cattle crossing going back toward the main road, there were a couple of wild turkeys perched up on the fence.  Tremendous.  Wild turkeys on Thanksgiving weekend.

I can’t tell if the turkeys are toms or hens.  If they’re hens, I wonder which one is Thelma and which one is Louise.DSC_2243_7173After that excitement, we headed back up to the Saddle Sore Café/Saloon for lunch.  Delicious.  It was a nice day to get out and enjoy a road trip.

When I returned, I transplanted more lettuce with plans to erect the make shift hot house tomorrow.

Hope everyone is enjoying these days of Thanksgiving.


Greg Damitz said...

In the second picture it is a young jake. The beard and the dark olor give him away.

Sue said...

Sounds like a great friend....and a wonderful day. I love exploring roads-how fun! said...

HAAAA! I have a friend just like that, maybe I need to do a post about her. I don't know much about turkeys, but I do have a memory of my grandmother having turkeys and it seems I remember being eye level with them-I must have been very young or they were some ginormous turkeys!

Anonymous said...

Very funny post!