Monday, April 22, 2013

Iceberg Roses ('Rosa KORbin')

Iceberg Rose - boysenberry end

The garden has eight Iceberg bush roses. Six to form hedges on either side of the pergola and two to bookend the boysenberries.  Most all are from Coiner NurseryCoiner grows out in Wasco - Farmer MacGregor's stomping grounds.  Each and every one is poppin' with blossoms.  So far, these are hardy, har, har roses.  They take the heat and don't need pampering.  That's my kind of plant.  They get irrigated and fed.  Occasionally, I deadhead the old blooms but that's about all.
So far, so good.  Knock rosewood.
Iceberg Roses - pergola hedge


CNA Training said...

Iceberg rose is my favorite variety of rose. Looks innocents. That what makes it beautiful. Very nice picture of it.

dorothy said...

I don't have 'Iceberg,' but I have a climbing 'Lace Cascade' who has 'Iceberg' for a parent. It is long blooming and hardy. The only problem with white flowers around here is that they are plagued by the hoplia beetles for a few weeks in April and early May. Then they go away until next year!

daisy g said...

I was just talking about roses with a friend. I thought they were pretty fussy and took a lot of tending.
The white color is so crisp. I'll bet they smell lovely!

Donna said...

I'm not familiar with Iceberg, but they look beautiful. I am hoping to plant more roses in the front of our house near the walkway. I have two Knock Out Roses now.
Yours are lovely!

HolleyGarden said...

So pretty! I love this rose's sweet little blooms. Having eight of them must be wonderful!