Saturday, April 27, 2013

Leave My Berries Alone!

Thornless Boysenberry
The boysenberries are quickly ripening and need to be covered with bird netting to keep my feathered friends out.  Since there is no garden kitty, the netting is essential.  The bird habitat in the garden has gone berserk since Pumpkin passed.  The boysenberries are in their 2nd year and promise to bear loads and loads of berries for jam, pies, and the freezer if there are enough after fresh eating.  Let the birds eat the bugs and leave my berries alone.

Tomorrow morning, before the heat turns up, the netting will be going up with Farmer MacGregor doing the lion's share of the work.  The netting is draped over the trellis supports and anchored into the ground with large staples.  There are structures to cover.  I hope there is enough material.  We may need to make a store run.

I hope to remember to chronicle this process here for future reference.


daisy g said...

What does a boysenberry taste like? It looks luscious!


Daisy - boysenberries are a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry.