Sunday, May 26, 2013

Split Leaf Philodendron Like Swallows to Capistrano

Seems like the split leaf philodendron bloom is a bit early this year; but maybe not.  It seems to have opened in years past between now and sometime in June.  My mental note is to watch for this around Memorial Day.

Split Leaf Philodendron - 2013
This year, there are two buds/pods. I'm not sure temperature has anything to do with the process. It's been pleasantly cool/warm lately. I'm certain my fellow San Joaquin Valley gardeners are enjoying this refreshing weather before the bondage of summer forces us to do most of our outside work around sunrise and sunset.  The scent of this unusual bloom along with jasmine and the asparagus fern blooms make the shady side of the house full of potent perfume.  Very sweet stuff.  It's on the same side of the house as my BBQ.  The sweet perfume mixed with burning mesquite signals the fact that summer is here.

Garden Update:
  • Boysenberry harvest is winding down with a final take of about 6 gallons of berries.  Pretty good for young canes.
  • Plums are ripening.  Birds have started to  help themselves.  Netting was thrown over the tree this week.
  • Apricots will be the next tree to ripen and will need netting to protect the bounty from the birds.

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dorothy said...

It sounds like you are having a good fruit harvest. We haven't bought any boysenberries yet but will probably visit a farmers' market on Sat to see what's available. They are my favorite berries! We have been having perfect garden weather but the two triple digit days earlier in the month were hard on the plants. And me!