Sunday, March 8, 2015

Meditative Roots

Out in the garden this morning before it gets too hot.  Gardening is my meditation - similar to swimming laps. My mind has no specific focus but my body is on auto pilot to get the task done (kinda). I'm unplugged (kinda), with the exception of my iPad, speaker (70s radio from Rhapsody this morning).  

While the weather is somewhat tolerable (70s - like my taste in music this morning) I need to get the beds ready for summer. That means pulling the spent broccoli/cauliflower bed.  Most of the plants have bolted producing yellow blossoms the bees are loving. The bees will have plenty of other pollen in the garden - citrus, stone fruits, apples, wisteria, and danged old dandelions.

Pulling that bed revealed strong, healthy roots with no signs of damage from nematodes.  Good. This bed was solarized last summer. So far, that process looks successful OR the buggers just don't like broccoli like George H. W.

Speaking of roots, my current time soaker is genealogy.  It's most interesting, but there should be intervention for this jig saw puzzle like quest. One of my garden gnomes and I recently travelled to a genealogical conference in Salt Lake City.  Wow. There is a huge community of geneaddicts (I just made up that word. Don't bother to look it up. Yet.). 

My break has lasted long enough. Time to meditate some more.


Sue said...

I love weeding, because my mind can wander all it likes. Such a peaceful way to pass an hour or two.
Love the colorful blossums. We are JUST out of the deep freeze, still all white and snowy, but the sun shone today and it hit 41 (!!!!!) . I'm very happy!

daisy g said...

I understand the meditative quality of which you speak. Gardening just lends itself so well to centering us.
Enjoy your warm temps and bed prep!

T said...

YES! Gardening and cooking - two of my favorite "practices." Congrats on the STELLAR wisteria...

Happy Gardening!