Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wisteria. Wowzer!

Wow! Wisteria is loaded up on the pergola with soft purple petals falling like sweet scented confetti. That perfume blended with all the citrus (grapefruit, orange, lemon, & manderin) and sweet alyssum is fabulous. It makes the transition from nice, cool weather into steamy armpit weather just a bit more tolerable - for now anyway.

Last weekend all the trees and berries were fertilized and the broccoli and cauliflower were pulled.

This weekend's tasks: 
Harvest more beets (pickled) and carrots (frozen) to store for later.
Prepare some beds for summer crops.
Plant tomatoes IF I can make it that far.


Linda said...

Lovely photo. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

daisy g said...

That IS a stunner! Sounds like you are moving right into the next season of crops. I'd love for you to share this on The Maple Hill Hop!


Daisy g, I have no idea what The Maple Hill Hop is.

David said...

Maybelline, Spring is just breaking into warmer temperatures here in Nebraska. The last couple days the temperatures have been up in the middle 70s. Only 10 days ago it was zero degrees for a night time low temperature. March has indeed been kind to us here but it looks like the garden challenge for this year will be the lack of moisture. We didn't get the normal snow fall this year nor are we forecasted to get any rain for the next 10 days. I can deal with that. Soil temperatures have been rising and are up to 49 degrees. At 55 degrees, potatoes can be planted which just may happen by Good Friday which is the usual planting day for potatoes in my area. I've been watching a lot of British gardening shows over the Winter and picked up some British terms in my gardening vocabulary. The purchased potatoes are in my dark cool storage room "chitting". Chitting is British term for sprouting from the eyes of the potato. According to the Brits, a potato needs some good chits to have a good crop.

I've been out to Terra Nova Gardens the last couple days cleaning up last year's totally out of control weed mess. It was a terrible garden year last year but I have high hopes for this year. I don't know if you remember but the EPA came knocking on my door last year and wanted to test Terra Nova Gardens for lead content in the soil. I reluctantly signed the permission paper to allow them to test it. If the results were over 400 PPM then a fund was set aside to replace the soil at no cost to me. My garden soil is rich black soil that is nearly two feet deep. There would be no way they could have replaced the soil with comparable soil. I held my breath all last summer as indications of hole punching went on three different times. Last week the results came in. The highest level of lead content was 110 PPM along the road. Yea! I get to keep my dirt.

Your Wisteria looks awesome. My neighbor had a beautiful Wisteria planted by a previous owner. She didn't like it much and cut it down. It filled the yard with a wonderful aroma when in bloom. They are young folks and want only minimal yard work so they have stripped the yard of all flower beds and practically all bushes and trees. It's kind of sad but to each his own.

Have a great seasonal garden bed change over day.