Saturday, March 14, 2015


Soaking the garden dirt off the fresh carrots and beets that were harvested this morning.  Everything was hosed off; but there's some left behind.  The water will be dumped on an azalea.

Carrots will be blanched and frozen with some reserved for Farmer MacGregor's corned beef.  The beets will be pickled and set up in jars. There's still more out in the garden yet to be harvested.

Two beds are ready for tomatoes. I'll need to hit the sidewalk sale at Floyd's and get started tomorrow.  Summer is here.

UPDATE:  Looky here what I found in my haul of carrots.  Hope this puts a smile on your face. If it doesn't, go out and pull some weeds.


daisy g said...

Oh my! Those are some shapely carrots! Looks like a wonderful harvest. Enjoy!

David said...

Maybelline, you made me belly laugh this morning. It's always good to start the day with a good laugh. Carrots are an interesting vegetable. If the least little resistance happens in the growing of carrots then they will twist and turn and come out in the strangest of shapes. Carrots need deep sandy soil with little resistance to grow like those found in the stores. The British have special carrot boxes they build with half soil and half sand to grow their carrots. I'm not much of a carrot grower because they take so long to germinate that the weeds are an issue. The ones that I have grown are pretty good but I have raised beds that I've worked in peat moss to keep the soil light and fluffy. I've found some strange looking eggplants over the years as well.

The weather continues to give us extremely warm temperatures for this time of the year in Nebraska. Forecasters promise an 80 degree day tomorrow. That's way too warm for March. It does make for a great gardening weather but yet it's torture knowing that it's not time to plant just yet. The soil temperature is above 50 degrees and after the 80 degrees for tomorrow it should be much higher than that. I'm not sure how long this warm stretch can last but our last frost date is a full two months away. What is going on with this weather?

Have a great carrot harvesting day.

Lisa Paul said...

You are shaming me to get going on my vegetable garden which has been neglected for several seasons with all the moving and ripping out lawns. Love the soaking idea and then using the water for plants. I'm stealing that.