Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Getting Back Into Blogging

Santa Rosa Plum Bud Break February 18, 2018

I've been away from blogging for sometime.  The process of blogging takes focus and purpose.  It just isn't as immediate as all the social media available.  However, as a garden journal it is invaluable.  Using the blog as a reference to refresh my mind on what worked, what didn't work, where things were planted, etc., is just so helpful.  I was reminded of this when I noticed the buds breaking recently on the Santa Rosa plum. I really thought the plum bud break was super late this year; but when I look at my blog post regarding the matter, February 18, 2018 is right in the ballpark.  In fact, it's pretty close to average. 

Since February 18, I'm pleased to report that the summer of 2018 looks like there might be a bounty of plums.  So, all is well with the plum world.

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David said...

Mabelline, yes, I have been a bit remiss about blogging as well. Winter is always a slow time for me without really any thing to say or blog about. And well the weather has been so crummy this year in Nebraska that I haven't even been in the garden but three times just to check out the soil temperature. The soil is still only 40 degrees. I'm holding off with planting until it warms up a bit. We just had another three inches of snow over the weekend. It's been a crazy Spring for sure.

Have a great day in the garden.

Nebraska Dave