Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flower Power


The Spring flowers will be winding down as the temperatures wind up.  Stock, pansies, and lobelia will have to make room for the summer bouquets.  I need some suggestions for low growing summer flowers that can take the heat.  No sissy flowers will endure the zone 9 heat.  The hottest hot could be around 115.

Any flower to be considered needs to be drought tolerant.  Rain doesn’t happen around here between May and October.  Irrigation will hit once each morning then they will be on their own.

Petunia or maybe dwarf zinnias are being considered. Lemon thyme and lavender may work really well though. 

The search is on.


Anonymous said...

Thyme should do well.

Aunt Snow said...

Oh, grow zinnias! I love their colors, and I never could grow them in Seattle - too damp.


*Aunt Snow - I'm leaning towards lavender and thyme. The scent is great plus bugs don't like these herbs but I do.