Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a Weekend

Here’s what’s been happening in Maybelline’s Garden this weekend.

Ladybugs are everywhere -  the lawn, fruit trees, and even my rear view mirror on the was back from the grocery store.  Here are a few shots of the ladies working on the strawberries and lavender. DSC_1312_3965

DSC_1316_3969 Farmer MacGregor was busy constructing the supports for the tomatoes and lemon squash.  He even has plans to make drying racks for the garlic and onions.  Neighbors are in awe of his talent.DSC_1319_3972 The green onions were planted in one bed they will share with tomatoes.  The other tomato bed will also house radishes.  Farmer MacGregors supports will allow the tomatoes to be strung up allowing plenty of sunshine to hit the onions.  The companion gardening of placing onions amongst the tomatoes should help with pest control.  The same goes for the radishes.DSC_1322_3975 DSC_1323_3976The hot peppers were transplanted into their final stage before being planted in the garden.  They join the tomatoes in the nursery that looks like its making  the best use of cups after a kegger.DSC_1326_3979 My mother’s lemon tree is loaded with small lemons.  I squeeze the juice and freeze it in ice cube trays storing the cubes in freezer bags.  Juice is always available that way plus the cut lemons make the house smell great.DSC_1329_3982

I’m pooped.


Melissa said...

Wow, you've been a busy bee! I would LOVE to have access to lemons... I've thought abour trying to grow a tree of our own, but I fear we're not far enough south. It's a bit iffy. You're garden is looking lovely! : ) Melissa


*Melissa - Thanks. You could try a potted lemon and wheel it in and out of shelter. My dwarf lemon is potted.

Mrs. Mac said...

Do you have drip irrigation in the garden? It appears that way in the photo ... great idea. Oh how those lemons look so lovely! Your peas are finished ... my first batch just got planted last week. We have a very short season ... and ... I NEVER wish summer would hurry up .. because our springs .. when they finally arrive ... are worth the wait.


*Mrs. Mac - There is drip irrigation in the raised beds. The fruit trees & grape vine have deep pipe irrigation. Even though our water is currently unmetered, that will be changing in the next few years to encourage water conservation. The temperatures will start to ramp up soon - too hot for crops like peas and lettuce. The tomatoes and peppers are almost ready to get planted in their growing beds.