Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Strawberry Festival

DSC_1499_3914The strawberries are really starting to pop.  I have two types – Sweet Pinky and Fern.  They were purchased as bare root stock in early 2009.  The plants have spread and multiplied so that now I have no idea how to tell the two apart.  I’m having my own personal strawberry festival in Maybelline’s Garden.

DSC_1472_3880 Oxnard, California has a Strawberry Festival coming up on May 15 – 16.  Looks like they may have those spinning strawberries that kids ride in for chuckles.  Long ago, one of my kids rode in one a barfed.  Think of that the next time you consider going for a spin.  Hey, Budweiser is a sponsor.  Enjoy a few and go for a spin.

image I’ll just stay in the garden and fight the birds for what is rightfully mine.  Think of me if you go to the festival.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Oh, my favorite fruit! I should really grow them then wouldn't you think.Do they have everything edible made of strawberries at the festival like we do the Pumpkin show? LOL! If so I really need to move.


*Hocking - I'm sure they have everything from daquaris to pies. Come on over. The weather is fine.

Lisa Paul said...

Strawberries, Budweiser and Barf. Hmmmm. Now that will be my "sense image" of this and any other Strawberry Festival.

Maria said...

Love the strawberries! Thanks for commenting on our strawberry salad, instead of feta you can use Goat cheese, Parmesan, blue cheese, really whatever cheese you like.

Donna said...

Your strawberries look so nice. Ours are still flowering. Can't wait to start picking!

Allison Shops said...

I love looking at strawberries, but don't enjoy eating them very much. But the Tilt-a-whirl was my second favorite ride (behind the swing) at the fair. That TaW is too cute made into strawberries.

Your strawberry crop looks great! Did they grow over the wall like that or did you pull the strawberries out to take the picture (as you can tell, I know nothing about them. lol) Looks like the birds would get to them too easily.

Thanks for stopping by AtticMag and for your nice comment.


Maureen said...

Beautiful strawberries! Ours always got eaten by pill bugs or snails so we pulled them out....do you have a secret?

ps. on a side note, I was born in Oxnard :)


*Allison - The strawberries are posing naturally.

*Maureen - Pill bugs are a real pain. I have no cure for them yet. Snails are kept down with gravel surrounding the raised beds. Earrywigs are my biggest pest now. Using pyrethrin has helped a bit.