Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tomatoes Are In!


30 tomatoes are in the ground. 

8 Arkansas Travelers + 8 Carbons + 6 Henderson’s Pink Ponderosas + 8 Mule Teams = 30 tomato plants

The Al Kuffas need to go in; but I ran out of daylight.  I will probably have 36 tomatoes to work with this summer.  As the plants go in the ground, they get an extra kick of Dr. Earth’s All Purpose Fertilizer.

The rest of the plants will be divvied up between neighbors, friends, and the Daughters of the British Empire plant auction.  All the plants are heirlooms and all the plants need to get in the ground soon.

DSC_1573_4233 It’s gonna be salsa time before I know it.


Siren said...

congrats! i am still waiting for my plants to arrive. I remember your salsa making from last year. Looking forward to seeing your plants grow.

Francesca said...

Mine will go in tomorrow. They usually go in sometimes in April, but this year our season is about 4-6 weeks behind. I've never made salsa, but it's on my list this year.