Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday in the Garden

DSC_1624_4290 This morning after taking care of the garden kitties, cleaning up after the mourning doves nest building mess, irrigating whatever might need a drink, and trimming the roses, I harvested a bit more lavender.  I like to clip the stems in the morning because I have heard that the essential oils are at their peak in the morning.  The last harvest of lavender, I made lavender wands.  DSC_1630_4296 Saturday’s harvest will be bundled up with jute and hung upside down with a brown paper bag over the blossoms until the bundle has dried.  The blossoms will be stripped off the stems and used in potpourris (not the Jeopardy kind).  The dried stems will most likely be vacuumed up.  Each time the vacuum cleaner is revved up a nice lavender scented breeze will fan through the house.

I needed to scoot to the farmers’ market.  Today, I just needed a few items to add to fruit salad.  However, there was a new stand.  These farmers were all things almond.  Their cookies caught my eye.  Since I had almonds to munch on in the pantry, I picked up one of each kind of cookie and headed home to continue working in the garden on this rare cool May day.DSC_1632_4298 My produce was unloaded and put away. While I  pulled a few weeds I kept hearing a small voice calling my name.



Eat me, Maybelline.

DSC_1633_4299 I fell under the Fat Uncle Farms spell.  De-stinkin’-licious!  The other two cookies will not be long in the kitchen.  I hope Fat Uncle Farms is a raging success.  I’ve included a link to what I believe to be the blog that old Fat Uncle is building on. 

S U P P O R T   L O C A L   F A R M E R S

Now out to the garden to plant peppers (with a sweater on!).


Maris (In Good Taste) said...

LOL - Fat Uncle Farm? That's a name I won't forget.

Mrs. Mac said...

You needed a sweater to plant peppers? What's up with the weather? My peppers got a dose of light frost the other morning (this after I checked them at 4:30 AM and only found dew ... then at 5:30 frost arrived and did them in. Had to replant some new ones yesterday. Now I have a cover on standby just in case. You mentioned about putting advertising on my blog ... I've never thought much about it ... other than maybe the one that Amazon promotes ... I'll have to look into that.


Yes a sweater! I can't believe it's almost Memorial Day.

As for advertising, yes - your blog might do well. It's worth a shot to make some extra budget money. Good luck.