Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The recent blast of heat in the garden has the tendrils reaching out and grabbing on.  I’ve watched the tendrils on the lemon squash grow from a fraction of an inch in the evening to about 3 inches over night.  No kidding.  All the plants are growing vigorously; but the vines are really making their move.

DSC_1722_4400 Red Flame Grape

DSC_1717_4395 Lemon Squash

DSC_1719_4397 Malali Watermelon

DSC_1720_4398 Malali Watermelon

The tendrils are almost humanlike.  I can watch them coil around something within seconds and they really tighten their grip. 

There are other types of vines in the garden besides tendrils.  That’s for another post at another time.

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Bill Bird said...

You've got such a headstart on us up here! My melons are unfurling the first leafset my dear! Our squash will go in this weekend (starter cup) -- as will the cucumbers (again, by starter cup). It's just been so cold that not many summer crops have been all that interested in germinating or growing. But -- it's starting now -- two months later. Malali watermelon? Really? I'll have to try that...