Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas is Citrus


Rio Red Grapefruit

At Christmas, all kinds of citrus is ripe around here.  I remember as a kid going out to the shed at the citrus orchards and sampling all kinds of citrus that could be purchased and shipped as gifts.  All the fruit was naturally cold, sweet, and juicy.  This Christmas I only have 2 varieties ready (or real close) – grapefruit and lemons.


Variegated Pink Lemon

It’s a brain scratcher seeing the price of citrus in the grocery store then seeing loads of wasted fruit in yards with citrus trees.  Fruit is left to rot on the ground until the gardener comes along and carts it off to the dump.  What a lame waste.


Even though I’ve never experienced a White Christmas or anything that resembles a scene on a box of Rite Aid Russel Stover’s candy, I have enjoyed Christmases with fresh citrus fruit and blossoms.  If I can’t have the snow, this is a fine trade.


Lo said...

yes.......I am drowning in limes.....wish I could ship them to you.

What is that lovely blossom?

Jennie said...

Those look lovely - can we trade? You can have our cold and snow. :)

Anonymous said...

How lucky you are! I have not been able to grow any citrus perhaps because of altitude. I'm hoping to try again when I get a greenhouse.


*Lo - The blossoms are from my dwarf variegated pink lemon tree.

*Sunshine - Trade? Although I love the snow, I've never lived in it. I would probably wither.

*Girl - Apples and cherries will probably work best for you. We all have to work with the hand we're dealt.

Lona said...

You have the best citrus. Pink lemons and red Grapefruit. Yummy. I always have to have some oranges this time of the year. Maybe it is because when we rode the school bus the driver always gave us all an orange and a small bag of candy one the last ride before Christmas. LOL!
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I envy you growing your own Oranges, Grapefruits and must be almost heaven! :)