Friday, December 30, 2011


DSC_2189_7277If you’re in California, have you noticed that the leaves in the trees are sticking around longer than usual?  Several people have observed this to me. 

DSC_2185_7273Sure.  They’re coming down; but leaves are still up in the trees mocking Winter.  Maybe that’s the problem.  It hasn’t been cold enough.  There hasn’t been any rain.  How about a little wind?  I can’t stand the wind – freezing rain will do nicely.

DSC_2191_7279Meanwhile, we’ll just have to be patient and wait OR know that on Monday when the tree trimmer comes, our wait will be over.

Below are some images taken earlier this year of Ajax to use as a scale of growth.DSC_2352_5778



Anonymous said...

We've had three snows, but then have had t shirt weather. What is up with that? I need a good freeze to get my fruit trees going. Grrr.


*Girl - I was in Gorman Wednesday night. Sheesh. That was a cold wind up there. You're right though. We need the snow and cold temperatures to help with the fruit trees. I now have a tan since I've been swimming everyday for a week. Bring on the cold.

Lona said...

Maybe thy will hang around until the spring buds shove them off.
That is one pooch that can make a bed. LOL!
Happy and Blessed New Year.