Saturday, December 10, 2011

Red in the Garden

Red in the garden this time of year seems to be just as abundant now as in the summertime.  Is the garden forecasting the results in November 2012?  Don’t know.


Pansy – Crown Scarlet


Snapdragon – Chimes Red


Skeletons of summertime scaretape decorating the grape arbor.


Lettuce Parris Island Romaine (green) & Marvielle of Four Seasons (red)


Geranium – No stinkin’ idea what variety.  The nursery didn’t have an identifying tag.  Thanks Bolles Nursery!


Asparagus Fern (Asparagus densiflorus)


Some sad bell peppers from hotter days.


Lemon - Variegated Pink blossoms show a blush of red on the buds.


Beans - Borlotto Solista


Ajax’s well worn Kong toy with a nod to Santa to please bring a couple of new ones to enjoy.  He’s been pretty good if you don’t count terrorizing the wisteria and lilacs, destroying the Texas Ranger, and severely “pruning” the Bay Laurel.

Any suggestions for good “red” candidates for the garden? 

Poinsettias need not apply.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Dreamland Zinnia Scarlet Red or Dark Red..both should give you lots of color and lots of blooms. I like red flowers too..your reds are wonderful:)

dorothy said...

We recently bought a red sasanqua camellia 'Yuletide' that is covered in buds and is supposed to bloom in Dec. We were going to plant it now but the garden column in the local paper said to plant camellias at the end of Jan. when the soil warms up a little more.
Of course, there is always nandina and pyracantha with their wintertime red berries.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful garden. We have no color left in our yard. Oh, except the Fire Bush which is turning to red before it drops it's leaves.

Donna said...

You've got quite a bit of red in your garden. No red here in mine. I had to smile when I saw the kong, my dogs have them too, real life savers when we leave the house.