Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dormant Spray

DSC_2168Steve asked what kind of dormant oil is sprayed on the fruit trees in the garden.  Farmer MacGregor uses a combination of Take Down and KOP-R.  He uses a hand sprayer making sure to completely saturate the tree from the bottom and top.DSC_2169Take down is used year round to control insects.  It’s primary ingredient is Pyrethrum.  He combines the two and applies to the dormant fruit trees about 3 times in the winter. Since there has been no rain (not even fog), the 3 applications have not run into any scheduling problems. It can be applied to most any plant that doesn’t have fuzzy leaves. Read the label to be certain.

You can see the price but it’s concentrated and lasts for some time.  Check with your local (not box store) nursery.  They may have a better recommendation for your area.

Warning:  The KOP-R will stain so make sure to cover any surrounding items you do not want to take on the patina of oxidized copper (blue-green).

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Thanks for the advice and pictures. We've been hearing spray, but now we know what to spray.