Monday, January 23, 2012

Good Bye Summer. FINALLY!

DSC_2204It finally happened.  Summer is done in the garden and it took until January for it to happen.  A couple of freezes last week singed all the tomato plants so badly that the plants had to go.  That included plants that produced all summer long and new volunteers.

The beds need to get ready for onions or maybe more broccoli and cauliflower.  All those veggies get used easily in the kitchen.DSC_2202Can you believe it?  It will be time to plant tomato seedlings in just 2 months!  Since these little tomatoes will get turned under, there will probably be little sprouts struggling shortly OR the earthworms can help break them down.


Donna said...

It's so exciting thinking about planting the garden in just two months. Can't wait.

Glennis said...

Tomatoes just don't stop!