Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mamas' Day!

Mourning doves nesting directly below scare tape!
Because I can't properly irrigate the basket at the front door, the plants are suffering at the expence of a squatter family.  They should be on their way soon and the basket will get replanted.  My gift for Mamas' Day from Farmer MacGregor came in the form of power equipment.
Don't be too quick to judge Old MacGregor on his choice of gifts.  He knows that I like the lawn to have a crisp, clean edging.  The string edger didn't do the job as well.  Besides, it's not running right.  Now here's the best part:  I don't operate this machinery.  MacGregor was up early this morning putting the edger through its paces.  THAT is a great he got a cash discount.

Hope all the mamas have a nice day.

Split Leaf Update:
The weird growth on the Split Leaf Philodendron is ahead of schedule this year.  I noticed the pod last weekend and finally got around to recording the image today.  And there are now 2  3 pods.  Progress will be posted here regualarly.


Lona said...

Your nesting Doves are so cute. Happy Mothers Day to you too Maybelline.

Nadezda said...

Hello, Maybelline,I'm in your blog the first time. I liked the dove's nest in a basket!
Happy Mothers Day.
Saint Petersburg