Sunday, May 6, 2012

iPad Post

Posting from the comfort of my patio swing.
Okay.  So I have a bit to learn when it comes to posting via iPad. 
This morning, spent carrots were removed and green beans were planted.  Each hill of beans (Hey is that where the expression comes from?!) has some bamboo stakes tee-pee'd over it to serve as a trellis.
The tomatoes had quite a bit of new growth this week; so that was tied up.

This afternoon was dedicated to the patio swing and sharpening my mad computer/iPad skillz.  The photo was taken from that sweet seat.  In the forground is the "gravel pit" under the pergola.  That should be getting replaced with concrete and flower beds.  Watch for progress here.

This evening was going to be dedicated to trimming the espalier.  Fiddle dee dee. Tomorrow is another day.


dorothy said...

I can imagine you enjoying this beautiful spring afternoon on your patio, but i think your photo was lost somewhere in Bloggerville. (I'm having my own problems right now with Picasa saying I am out of space and will need to buy more. And I'm just a small time blogger! I'm looking for alternatives. Do you know of any?) Sorry if I commented twice. Not sure the first went through...I better go swing in my hammock for awhile!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I can't see the photo either.

Erin said...

I can't figure out to load pics on blogger on my ipad. Have you figured that out?


*Erin - I'm using an app called Blog Docs. Haven't figured out why the photos don't show I the post. I inserted the photo using blogger on my computer.

Lisa Paul said...

You are way ahead of me in the tech sweepstakes. I'm still relying on a coffee splattered 5 year old laptop.