Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Tomatoes Are Here!

It's kinda disappointing when most of your local fellow gardeners are realizing tomatoes in their garden.  I have plenty of blossoms and the Celebrity plants are healthy.  Tall frames used year after year are being used in a different way to support the plants.  Heirloom varieties grow tall and are "strung" vertically.  This year, hybrid tomatoes are working to starve those nasty nematodes.  The string is still being used except I wind figure "8s" around the wooden posts horizontally -  lassoing the plants kinda like a ladder.

Nonetheless.  No tomatoes.  Tonight's garden inspection revealed that the plants are enjoying the recent heat and have pushed a bunch of green growth.  As I was tucking the new growth into the string supports, I discovered fruit!  There they were...developing beneath the shade of all those leaves.

Celebrity Tomato - pea sized

Celebrity Tomato - bigger than pea sized
I can hardly wait to report my progress.


Donna said...

I've got little tomatoes too.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! I pinched the flowers off mine at the beginning of April, and now it's taking its merry time making new flowers.


* Donna - Glad to read you again.
* Karen - Why would you pinch the flowers from your tomatoe plants?