Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gotta Dance!

Thornless Boysenberries
It's boysenberry time in the garden.  I'm noting this to alert myself that as each Memorial Day nears, the boysenberries will be ready to harvest.  There are 6 plants total.  One of those is a bit older than the rest; so production is anticipated to increase through the years.

Not as many make it into the kitchen as are picked.  The picking crew (me) needs to remain energized and samples continuously.  The birds in the surrounding yards seem to squawk a bit more when I'm using my thumbs and brain to weave my way through the netting to the sweet, tasty treats.  So far, there has been no evidence of bird damage. *Insert sound of loud knocking on wood.*

Who can blame the birds for squawking?
Photo via iPad while listening to Fred Astaire's Steppin Out With My Baby.

Because we should all dance in the garden.  Try and keep up...

I would be lucky to look like this...

Perhaps the birds are commenting on my dancing skills with their squawks.


Lo said...

Gorgeous berries...oh, I envy you......and 2 of my favorite dancers.
Great post.

Maureen said...

We've been picking our Olallieberries for a week now and I am in heaven!!! Not going to have enough to make jam this year, but plenty for fresh eating...yay:)

dorothy said...

We have just planted a blackberry. One probably won't be enough, but we want to see how it does. I can only hope it does as well as yours! We did have our first blueberry harvest, though. Just a handful but so good!

Glennis said...


Sigh. We are going to be out of town at apricot harvest time, and our tree has the best yield in five years or so!

I will have to urge our neighbor to pick them. They report online that their backyard chickens were massacred by some predator - waiting for the full story. But - no more fresh eggs for us.