Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bastille Day in Okie Territory

Sure it's Bastille Day.  I tip my big straw hat to the French Marigolds in the garden for thriving where nematodes lurk. Viva la marigolds!  I wouldn't mind experiencing a French celebration once.
Though I didn't celebrate today by eating cake, I did enjoy a French Basque lunch down at the Wool Growers.  Later this evening, while listening to the Buckaroos play down at the Crystal Palace, I twisted my sombrero around to give a nod to my neighbors to the south. Mexico has a pretty great celebration (Cinco de Mayo) here in the USA to commemorate when they beat up the French.
The old radio/boombox cranked out Buddy Allen Owens singing while I collected all the fresh produce to make salsa.  He gave a Hee Haw Yee Haw out to visitors in the audience.  England was the farthest location and 90 was the biggest birthday.  (The gentleman was there celebrating with his girlfriend!)

It's simply a UN experience in the garden.

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dorothy said...

There's a lot of diversity taking place in your garden...a veritable melting pot! Very healthy looking produce!