Monday, July 9, 2012

Fighting Tomatoes

Celebrity Tomatoes
Just came in from the garden at 8:35pm.  Temperature:  95°.  Carumba! The tomatoes have gone buzzerk and needed to be cleaned up, strung up, and harvested.  There is precisely 5 gajillion tomatoes remaining on the vines.  Mama Mia.  Most will go in the freezer to be used in spaghetti sauce and salsa later.  Others will be used fresh.  I have no plans to can this summer.  Too hot and freezing is so much easier.

Not much fertilizer was used on these Celebrities.  They are resistant to verticillium wilt, fusarium, and nematodes (VFN).  That's the reason they were planted in this bed with signs of Root Knot Nematodes.  Joining these tomatoes in their fight for a nematode free world is basil, asparagus, and French Marigolds.  There are a few vines that don't look so great though.  They may be in an area where the nematodes are the worst.  Those will be pulled and replaced with more French Marigolds.

Susy at Chiot's Run posts information about growing yellow mustard to fight against nematodes.  I may consider planting yellow mustard in the fall to grow through the winter.  Peas were intended for this bed during the cool season.  I wasn't sure if mustard would grow with peas but the Canadians ran a test and the results indicate that mustard is a good companion.  I'm looking into this combination to improve the soil and produce a good crop of peas.


Bill Bird said...

What? No canning? That's not criminal, it's borderline communist! Get into the kitchen! It's hot in there!

Lisa Paul said...

How did you get such big tomatoes already? When did you plant? The heat has put my plants in suspended animation. But then I did get a slow start on them after someone turned off the water to my greenhouse and killed all my starts.


Lisa: I wish I would have made better notes. I think I planted these plants sometime in April.

Murr Brewster said...

Man. We might get a ripe tomato by the end of October. And yet we try. Every year, we try. It's nice just to look at the pictures though. (sigh)

However. I will forgo tomatoes in order to not have the heat.