Monday, July 16, 2012

Come On October!

We're in the deep, deep depths of Swamp Pants Season.  Whew!  It's hot (although it's going to be nice for a day) and there's always, always something that needs to be done.  One of those things was to plant the pumpkins for the fall.

The Jarrahdale Pumpkins (Cucurbita Maxima) were sown on July 3 and they were up by July 7.  Rather than cast off seedlings when I thin, they will be scooped up and donated to a couple of boys (ages 5 and 10) that adore eating fresh pumpkin pie and don't mind growing their own. 

This crop should give them enough to enjoy for Halloween all the way through Christmas and beyond.  Jarrahdales keep really well for a long time and are mature in about 95 days.  Hope the boys enjoy carving and eating blue-grey stringless pumpkins.

Come on October!


Lo said...

Blue gray?>??? Do you mean the outside or the meat? Don't want no blue/gray pumpkin pie, thanks.

Not since the blue corned beef I got by cooking it with red cabbage.


Lo- The shell of the pumpkin is blue-green-grey. The flesh is a buttery, creamy orange. I grew these last year and they're swell.