Saturday, August 18, 2012

Peach Gnocchi

O'Henry Peach
Mid to late August seems to be the best time for ripe O'Henry peaches in the garden.  This year, the tree has thrived by producing many more branches and leaves to provide more shade.  Fruit production was as abundant; but that's okay.  Getting this espalier tree growing strong and healthy is priority.  The peaches that did make it to maturity are very large, sweet and tasty.  Bird netting wraps the lateral branches to the frustration of the birds.  Fruit production from this tree isn't enough yet to bake a cobbler; so satisfaction with a fresh peach every once in awhile will have to do.

As the tree matures and production increases, I would like to try an unusual recipe for peach gnocchi.  I enjoy gnocchi and that recipe from 101 Cookbooks looks interesting.  Keeping the link here will serve as a reference for when there are so many peaches in the summer garden that a new recipe can be tried.  In the meantime, I would be interested to know reviews since the recipe is a little labor intensive.

PS...the recipe calls for champagne.  Don't know why white wine couldn't be used instead.


Unknown said...

Must admit I thought 'yuk' but having looked at the recipe I think it sounds lovely. Perhaps the champagne just gives it a bit of a fizz on the tongue. I've had fruit salad with champagne in with the juice and it lifts it to another level. But I'm sure white wine is fine!

JetGirl said...

That's a lot of champagne; the bubbles might have a leavening effect. They might be a bit denser if you used white wine instead. But probably still very tasty.