Sunday, August 12, 2012


Mandevilla "Rio Deep Red"
Tender vining, compact shrub with glossy leaves and large, 3" dark red trumpet shaped flowers.  Great for hot, humid areas.  Water regularly and plant in a well drained acid, raised bed or container.  Protect from frost.
I picked up a red Mandevilla recently at Lowe's.  I do not typically purchase nursery items from box stores; but I was there while Farmer MacGregor was on a hardware run.  (He doesn't bother going to my favorite local hardware store - Floyd's.)  Now I'm searching for an unusual trellis.

This has been potted and placed on the east side of the pergola.  The pot rests on large pebbles in a saucer on terra cota feet.  It must be loving the recent hot, humid weather (aka swamp pants weather).
Sweet Potato Vine
I also picked up a sweet potato vine.  It's a vigorous grower that can make a big impact.It comes in chartreuse or purple.  I like chartreuse. Sweet potato vines do best during the warm days of summer and prefer moist, well-drained soil. They thrive in sun or shade.  This guy is in a hanging basket on the west side of the pergola and receives hot sun from mid-day until sunset.
Other non-edible vines in the garden are Wisteria and Jasemine.  Wisteria grows on the pergola to shade the east side.  Jasemine grows on the east side of the house getting punched by the sun from mid-morning to early afternoon.  So far, so good.  Everyone seems happy.  That's good because it has been too danged opressive out there to tend to anything. 
Come on October!  Let me hear you.


dorothy said...

That's a pretty mandevilla. I've not had success with that plant, though. It does not overwinter well at all for me.

Anonymous said...

The gardens I planted in my last house were all purples and whites. I love gardening....and really should plan out something for our new home.

thanks for sharing your post.
your newest follower

Creative Carmelina

ciao bella!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh these are so pretty!!

Sue said...

Such a pretty plant. I've never had success with them-my neighbors have gorgeous ones. I guess there are some plants I just can't grow..........