Thursday, August 2, 2012

Problem Solved?

Root Knot Nematode damage was discovered in the fall of 2011.  French Marigolds are supposed to repel the boogers and starve them out.With that, seeds and seedlings were planted throughout the vegetable patch.  One bed in particular was going to be dedicated exclusively to the marigolds letting them reseed themselves then turn the spent plants under in the fall.  Sometimes plans just don't work out.
Volunteer Gold Currant Tomatoes have gone bonkers and are competing with the marigolds for turf.  The tomato plants are so loaded with the grape sized tomatoes that they constantly need to be restaked. This variety of tomato has been sprouting all over the garden this summer.  Why fight it?  If something good wants to grow with little to no work, I'm all for it.

Marigolds (Only the French variety are supposed to repel nematodes.) were also planted in the planned tomato patch.  The tomatoes (Celebrity) are nematode resistant.  So far so good.  Asparagus was also planted to end the pest problem.  Again, so far so good.  Basil seeds were sown throughout this patch along with oregano.  Bingo.  Everything seems to be working fine.  If Root Knot Nematodes still exist in the beds, they are not causing any problems.  With crop rotation and continued use of my new French friends, this problem should only be a memory.

Now I need to research what to plant in the fall to continue this success.


Brindavan in the bay area said...

Where did you get the seeds from?


A local nursery, White Forrest, carries the Lake Valley brand seeds. With all the plants that have germinated this summer, I don't think I'll ever need to buy more seeds

Glennis said...

I love french marigolds. Love the nose-twisting scent.

Jennifer Solow said...

Okay, so now what to do about the cabbage black fly and the Japanese beetles?!

Every stop into my garden begins with "You little mother f*ers!" and a murderous pinch of my thumb and forefinger!

Sometimes I just give up!


Ha! Jennifer, you sound like me and my grasshoppers except I mutter, "Tell Jesus 'hello'." Perhaps a badminton racquet used on those beetles would make your gardening experience more entertaining and healthful. Even though those buggers will always outnumber us, don't give up. Become Winston Churchill of your garden!