Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pumpkin Brothers

Courtesty myoldpostcards on Flickr
The first car I drove was an old 1962 Plymouth Valient.  It was a two door mint green car with push button automatic transmission.  I could hardly wait to drive when I turned sixteen; driving that car was an embarrassment to me.  It was not cool.  It didn't have fat tires, a cool paint job, or a neato radio.  I drove it to school but parked far enough away to not be associated.  Yes.  I was a typical teenaged jerk. 

Push buttons on either side of the steering wheel.
Just a few years later (which seemed like an eternity), I had my very own VW.  It wasn't cool; but it was mine.  That 1968 Bug didn't have fat tires or a neato radio; but it did have a nice paint job.  I drove that car for about seven years.  Late one November night in 1985, I heard some noise out front. Two punks walking down the sidewalk aware goofing around with a giant pumpkin left over from Halloween that was destined for the dump.  I watched as that "trash" took that heavy pumpkin and smashed it onto the hood of my Bug.  In a flash, they were gone leaving behind my heavily dented car and a smashed giant pumpkin.  Those punks are still referred to as the Pumpkin Brothers.  Punks.

The pumpkin squashed the beetle back in 1985.  I hope 2012 will also be a winning year for pumpkins (rather, a pumpkin gardener) to squash beetles again - only this time it's the insect varity that is meant to suffer.

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Chiot's Run said...

Ah squash bugs, feared and cursed by so many gardeners. Love the story, sorry about your car - punks for sure!