Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Big Dummy

Ever have a "brilliant" idea only to show just how human (read: dumb) you really are? It's humbling. I post this not to further degrade myself but to warn myself next time I get a brilliant idea to think it through rather than act during mid-thought.

This morning I thought I would take several packets of Sweet Alyssum seeds and make my own mix. Brilliant. I dumped the contents of the Royal Carpet packet into a Ziplock bag only to be reintroduced to static. EVERY seed was clinging to the side of a bag like a room full of kids with balloons practicing the fascinating wonders of static. What a mess.

Note: in the future, simply mix seeds in a seed packet.


Far Side of Fifty said...


Lo said...

Ah, yes.....static and that other force, gravity, can often foil the most brilliant idea. Tsk. Sorry.

HolleyGarden said...

I wouldn't have thought of static, either. Love your description of the seeds clinging like a room full of kids with balloons. :)