Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Sweet Pea Mix
 Right on cue, the sweet peas are in bloom for Easter.  The seeds can be planted between October and December here in zone 8-9 in the south central San Joaquin Valley of California. Yesterday, reminded us all that summer is on the way with temperatures knocking on the 90s.  Today's cooler breezes are welcomed before we enter into the dreaded swam pants season.
Ladybud on the Warren Pear
Ladybugs are showing up in bigger numbers now.  They didn't really seem to hibernate this winter.  Unusual.  Glad they are showing up because the aphids are showing up as well.  Nature is kinda balanced in the garden for now.
If I only had a predator for all the mourning doves.


daisy g said...

Oh, what a sweet ladybug. They've been around here all winter too.
Happy spring!

HolleyGarden said...

What sweet sweet peas! I have always wanted to grow these, but never have. Didn't realize I needed to have sown them already. What a beautiful Easter gift from the garden.

dorothy said...

I can almost smell the fragrance! I planted sweet pea seeds about 6 weeks ago (against my better judgment...I know they should have been planted in the fall!) I haven't planted any for years, but I had read about the heirloom Cupani sweet peas so when I saw a packet I bought them. They are just coming up and I am very doubtful they will survive into the summer, but I did so want to enjoy that fragrance...maybe next year!

Glennis said...

Your sweet peas look just like what my sweet peas reverted to over the ten or so years I allowed the seed-packet cultivars to revert. Lovely, and super fragrant!