Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scratch & Sniff with a Latin Flare

I would like to be more proficient with the Latin names of plants.  Right now there is only room for improvement.  There are plenty of scents in the spring garden.  The temperature is predicted to be 83° today; so there are many buds breaking and many bees buzzing.  I tried to associate Latin handles with some pungent scents in the garden today.  No way.  I had to cheat and look in my Sunset Bible for help.  See what you know.  I'll list the Latin name in the caption using the scientific name (genus/species) along with the plant family if I know it.  See if you know the common name.  Easy.  Cheesy.  Light & breezy.

Ready?  Answers below.

1.  Syringa Oleaceae
2.  Rosmarinus officinalis Labiatae
3.  Rutaceae
4.  Cruciferae mustard (or cress)
5.  Aloysia triphylla Verbenaceae
6.  Cruciferae mustard (or cress)
1.  Lilac.  This is one of my spring favorites.
2.  Rosemary.  Use the woody sprigs for kabob skewers by removing the leaves and soaking in water before threading you favorite BBQ stuff.
3.  Lemon.  Always a favorite and most always in bloom.
4.  Cabbage.  Ready for March 17th?
5.  Lemon Verbena.  I like rubbing my hand along the leaves to pick up the scent.  Adding some dried leaves in a card before mailing makes getting that piece of mail so much better.
6.  Broccoli.  It's bolting like mad and attracting so may bees and bumble bees too.

Garden Update:
All of the trees and berries (including blueberries) have received their 1st dose of fertilizer for 2013 followed by a long soaking.


Lo said...

Well,,,,I got the cabbage and the rosemary. I consider it a triumph
if I can remember the english name of things.....
If Latin turns you on, go ahead.

HolleyGarden said...

:) I knew some, but not all. Having the pictures helped, too!

Donna said...

I can't believe it's 83 degrees there! It's in the 40's here. Your plants look wonderful. I just want to snip that lilac and put it in a vase.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Latin words are cool..spelling them correctly was the hardest for me. When I took Horticulture classes we had to identify and then use the correct Latin name and spell it correctly to get a point. I used to know so have to use it all the time or you lose many of them. Loved all your plants:)