Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lavender Wands

DSC_1517_4173 The lavender was harvested today.  I have no idea what the variety is because I just can’t remember.  There were several lavender plants in the front yard and they all took a dive.  The backyard seems to be the best environment for thriving.  Drip irrigation and loads of sunshine are no doubt better than sprinklers under a crepe myrtle.

DSC_1516_4172Snipping the stems in the morning is supposed to give more perfume oil in the harvest.  I don’t know if that’s true; but I clipped this bunch in the morning then went to farmers’ market.  When I returned I started to make a few lavender wands.

DSC_1523_4194 These will be donated to the plant auction the Daughters of the British Empire will be holding at their May meeting.  Ladies, if you’re reading this please save your dollars.  These will, no doubt, be responsible for starting a bidding war.  Tomato plants will also be donated.


Lona said...

How pretty Maybelline with the weaving of ribbon. I have never saw Lavender wands before. I hope they bring in a lot of money.

Glennis said...

I've seen other lavender wands before, but not ones as pretty as these! Lovely.


Hey all - don't look too closely. I do not have weaving skills.

warren said...

Those wands are awesome! I have never seen such before! Well done! I bet my bees would love lavender too...if only my dog would leave ANYTHING alone!