Wednesday, July 8, 2009


DSC_1111_1331 That means caterpillars. I hunt these guys regularly. You think they would be easy to find – but they’re not. I find their “leavin’s” and look up. That’s how I usually find them. Recently, I found them when harvesting serano peppers. They were not only feasting on the pepper plants, they were eating the peppers too. Curumba! I didn’t think any insect bothered hot peppers. These guys are tough.


I pulled this one off a pepper plant and ran inside to grab my camera while holding him in my gloved hand. I could feel this big baby wriggling in my palm trying to escape my grasp. Typically, I line them up on the wall for birds to enjoy. I wasn’t able to capture this guy’s fate with the camera. I’ll assume there is a happy nest of singing chicks due to this fatty. I wonder if he was spicy.


Maureen said...

I had NO idea they went after peppers!!! I guess I should go check on those plants as well as the tomatoes...thanks!

Red Icculus said...

Call me cruel, but the "splat" is satisfying when I toss them from anger of munching on my garden.

Erin said...

I bet he was spicy! Those guys are HUGE!