Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Stuff

Here’s a view of the day’s events.


Aphids are taking over the pumpkin patch. I started blasting them with water Saturday morning. By afternoon, the ladybugs were starting to assemble.


Today, their babies were munching on those pesky aphids.


They are the dinkiest ladybugs I’ve ever seen. I appreciate their efforts. They’re not the only “good” bugs dining on the aphids.


These blue guys were hovering and diving into the herd of aphids.


They’re turquoise blue. They look like someone has strung some beads together. They seem to like aphids. I don’t know anything more about them. They are my friends.


Goodbye, friends. Keep up the good work!


The yard cat known as the “Devil” cat was trying to tell me that she was not a devil cat because she did not like this weather from hell. I dragged my sweaty self up to the patio with my bell peppers to investigate just how hot it was.


It was.


Inside was watermelon jelly I made. The watermelon came from the garden. It tasted fine while it was cooking. If it doesn’t set up, I’ll use it on ice cream.

Hope you are keeping cool wherever you are.


Siren said...

that's not weather from hell. that's just hell.

Rowena said...

I've never seen those blue-colored bugs...they are gorgeous (aside from being blue). And the cat! Poor thing, I know that my dogs just hate it when it gets too hot outside. They know that when mama can't walk on the terrace barefooted, it also means she won't take them for a walk. They should be grateful. I can't imagine any dog wanting to walk on scorching asphalt.

Erin said...

WOW. That is HOT HOT HOT! Is that a dragonfly? That's what it reminds me of anyway. No wonder my garden is so far behind yours, we've been blanketed in fog a lot this summer!

Watermelon preserves? Oh man that sounds so good!

Your photos are gorgeous.