Saturday, July 11, 2009



June 10, 2009 Planted Cinderella pumpkins.


June 15, 2009 Five days after planting.


July 11, 2009 Thirty one days after planting.


Maureen said...

Usually, I can look at healthy, green, gorgeous plants like these and console myself with the fact that I am in the miserably hot Central Valley and that is why mine look NOTHING like them (and several have died). But you, of course, have shot that theory all to heck....sigh.

Our tomatoes and green beans are doing fabulously, our melons and pumpkins....not so much. What's your secret?


Maureen, this year we used raised bed with imported soil brought in from a more fertile area. My native soil is crap! I'm on the edge of the Kern River Oilfield butting up to the Sierra foothills. Nothing but clay and cobbles. I give most of the credit to the raised beds. I'm also using Dr. Earth as a fertilizer this season.

Keep trying. You'll find the right combination. I posted on June 20 about a local radio show you might like to listen to online for some great advice on gardening in the Central Valley.

Maureen said...


Maureen said...

That's probably our problem. The only things we didn't put in raised beds are the melons/pumpkins (ran out of wood) and this is the sharecropping garden so this land has not grown anything but weeds in decades. I did amend with some bagged (organic) mulch but next year we'll finish up the raised beds and try again.

thanks again!

Siren said...

31 days, i am amazed. my zucchini plant is now that big, but it took months for it to grow that large. you've really got a green thumb!