Sunday, November 21, 2010

It’s Our Turn – Finally


The rain has come to the San Joaquin Valley and the snow has fallen on the Sierras and Tehachapis.  The much needed rain has washed away the cruddy air the Valley is famous for.  Pollution from the north get caught in the Valley with no escape until a nice rain clears things out.  There is a cool breeze, warm sun, and beautiful skies.  For about five months, gardeners in the Valley can enjoy bearable weather.  Dressing in layers, we can stay warm or cool; but most importantly, we will not experience swamp pants until April or May.  We have endured.  We will survive.

DSC_2148_5369 Most all of the deciduous plants are beginning to change colors in preparation for their pending dormancy.  The colder weather helps these plants produce during the growing season and any freezes can help destroy some pests.

DSC_2153_5372  The winter crops are thriving along with some of the flowers.  Today’s bounty included lavender, lettuces, radishes, beets, carrots, and onions.  The peas are blooming.  It would sure be nice to have fresh peas at the Christmas table.  The garden staff is happy.



Maureen said...

Beautiful.....and yay rain! Can I ask when you planted your carrots? They are always difficult for us timing-wise.


Lisa Paul said...

Only those of us in semi-arid areas can appreciate the beauty of rain and cool weather.

But I take exception to the phrase "pollution from up North". San Francisco and Sonoma/Napa Counties on up to Lake County have some of the cleanest air in the U.S. (No heavy industry and all those Priuses.) When we get pollution, it always comes from the East and the South (LA specifically).

Enjoy the cool and the wet.


*Maureen - I'll need to check my planting journal. It had to have been before October.

*Lisa - All particulates North of us blow down the Valley and get trapped here in the South end. Did you know that Bakersfield made it to the #1 most polluted air in the nation list? Oh yes. We're number 1! Here's what Forbes has to say:

It's simply a geologic fact that the Valley can sometimes big a great, big tub.


*Maureen- September 20 is when I planted my 1st crop of carrots. It would be better to have started them a little earlier.