Monday, November 1, 2010


There is red in the garden.

DSC_2340_5260Hummingbird / Bee Feeder


DSC_2365_5285Merlot Lettuce


DSC_2361_5281 Strawberries


DSC_2367_5287Cimmaron Romaine Lettuce


DSC_2369_5289 Borlotto Solista Beans


DSC_2368_5288Brune d’Hiver Lettuce


DSC_2373_5293Early Wonder Beets


DSC_2374_5294Broken bit of summer scare tape among the fall leaves.




Perhaps there will also be a lot more red throughout American gardens tomorrow.

Please vote.


Maureen said...



I believe I can go get my red pjs on and have some sweet, sweet dreams.

Anonymous said...

I am wearing bright red pants as I read your "red" post. They are my fall-winter garden pants. Thanks to the thrift store. Your reds are beautiful. In my garden I have a few jalapenos that have turned red and the tops of very large radishes that I planted with the zucchini and cucumbers to "protect" them (trying to get the most from companion planting - still a lot to learn). Oh there is red lettuce out there too. thanks for your lovely red photos.
Sincerely, Emily

Andrea said...

Hi Maybelline, i am new here. Your photos are beautiful but what struck me most is the red bean! Really, i didn't know there is such. I've seen yellows, whites, but no reds yet. That must be good to mix with our outher colors for our tropical veggies.


Although California is mostly red, the heavily populated areas are blue. So now (and probably always) our state is blue. I have the blues about that. My bank account will feel the results of this very, very soon.

Any property available in Texas?
Any suggestions? Be nice.

Lisa Paul said...

Hee Hee. Even I can appreciate the cleverness of this post!