Saturday, April 2, 2011

Corn, Pill Bugs, and Saturday


Old tomato cages lay over rows of Golden Bantam Corn to discourage neighborhood cats to get “comfortable” in the vegetable beds.  Two rows were planted on March 15 and germinated two weeks later.  The exterior row was planted with Borlotto Solista Beans as companions.  Recent warm (read: hot) weather has turned up the energy in the corn patch.


I believe pill bugs are damaging all the seedlings in the garden.  Sunflowers, lettuce, beets, carrots, beans, and corn have all been hit.  In fact, the entire crop of late lettuce has been mowed down by these terrorists.  No big deal since the weather is turning hot and the lettuce would have been doomed.  Nonetheless, no being should have the bad manners to simply help oneself to the garden bounty without properly asking.  The search for a way to annihilate these interlopers is underway.  Until then each pill bug encountered will meet the same fate…squash!  OR  I could kill them with corn (ala Hee Haw).  image

Click on the Hee Haw donkey for a sample.



Note:  A second planting of corn was made today.  Two more rows with the exterior row planted with Borlotto Solista Beans as companions.

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Anonymous said...

oh those dreaded pill bugs are doing their spring dirty work in my veggie patch too.