Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring to Summer

DSC_2412 The soaring temperatures this week have accelerated the growth of the winter/spring vegetation making their days numbered.  The lobelia and pansies are peaking in the flowerbeds.  They’ve done so well this year that seeds from last year are sprouting in cracks and crevices all over the garden.  

DSC_2413Scotch Moss tucked in between the flowers has done a great job filling in keeping the bare dirt exposure limited.  Sadly, I think it will be toast with extended hot days.  Currently, it’s growing in full sun.  These chartreuse grassy mounds need to be transplanted someplace with loads of shade.  Maybe I’ll plant them under the azaleas.  Pansies will be yanked when they dry out and the lobelia will as well.  These plants simply do not do well in Bakersfield summers.  Fall chrysanthemums that were trimmed back after blooming are really taking off.  They’ll be lightly pruned back at the end of spring with hopes they will thrive in the fall.


Gazania Daybreak Petticoat is the choice for the summer replacement in the flower beds.  Park Seed recommends these for gardens around here:

 They make a great permanent ground cover in areas where they are perennial -- particularly southern California and the deep South!

This should work fine until these flowerbeds are scheduled to be remodeled.


Lo said...

Those gazanias are gorgeous...I loves 'em.

Cherrie said...

Beautiful flowers!