Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wisteria and Wildflowers


This morning started out with fresh, cool air that had pushed out the heat from yesterday.  Skiffs of clouds passed over the sun for a few hours until they moved on to leave a blue, blue sky.  One wisteria is doing great.  The other is yet to be determined; but is showing signs of life.  Later in the morning during a hike in Hart Park, I was surprised to see that there were still some wildflowers.  I have no idea what they are; but here they are:

DSC_2408_6274Fiddle Neck?

DSC_2412_6275 Lupine?

DSC_2417_6280 No Flippin’ Idea

DSC_2414_6277 Fiddleneck Purple?

Sure wildflowers are pretty; but I must be a true pessimist.  I see nasty foxtails and other seeds sticking to my socks and scratching me.  I see it in everyone of those pictures. I prefer to think of myself as a realist.


Good day.


Lo said...

Love your photos and envy you your bloomiing wisteria. I have one tht I put in the wrong place....,only gets sun part day....only has bloomed twice in 10 or 15 years,,,,lovely foliage tho.

What is the name of that gorgeous white doggie?

dorothy said...

I believe that you are correct in identifying fiddleneck, lupine, and the 3rd pic is owl's clover, not sure about the 4th one. My son took a bike ride along the San Joaquin River yesterday and sent me wildflower photos. I plan to use his photo of owl's clover in my blog title photo! Your wisteria is very pretty. We have one that has been growing our our gazebo for over 20 yearsand blooms erratically.

Lona said...

Hi Maybelline. Girl I am so jealous of your wisteria. It is just gorgeous. I have had one for almost 12 years now with no blooms. Every spring I threaten to cut it down. LOL! That "No Flippin Idea" flower is gorgeous. LOL!

HelenB said...

I agree with Dorothy on the fiddleneck, lupine and owl's clover. The "fiddleneck purple" is a phacelia.

Anonymous said...

I like this time of year with all the wild flowers. We desperately need rain, so the wild flowers are few this spring. I still enjoy what is out there. Your photos are wonderful to see. Emily

Glennis said...

Yes, those guys are blooming in our mountains here, too.

And the wisteria? Mine is a thug!! A beautiful thug, but boy - I think it's trying to climb into the windows at night!