Monday, April 4, 2011

Taste of Summertime

Berries are busting in the garden.  Sweet Pinky Strawberries are taking the lead in production with some bright red berries.  Of course, the pill bugs like them too; so I’m really on a quest on a way to rid the garden of these freeloaders.

DSC_2450_6303Sweet Pinky Strawberries

Last summer, only one berry was produced on our young thornless boysenberry.  This summer looks much more promising.  The canes are producing many flowers just waiting for the pollinators to do their thing.  Everything in the garden is scheduled to be fertilized this weekend including the berries.  I thought berries could grow in a pile of compost (aka horse $h!t) but don’t have the wherewithal to take on that experiment.  These berries will have to settle for the store bought variety I provide.

DSC_2444_6297 Boysenberry – thornless

The boysenberry blossoms remind me of magnolias.  Really they do.


Donna said...

That strawberry looks delicious! My strawberry plants are just now blooming and showing small green berries.

BTW, the seeds that I won in your giveaway are doing great! I was surprised at the cilantro, how full and fast it has grown. Still too chilly to plant outside, but soon.

Lona said...

Oh yummy! I am crazy about strawberries.

Lo said...

Gorgeous photo...did you take it? Wow!
Your boysenberry blossom reminds me of an azaelia I once had. MMM...I envy your productions.


Doesn't everyone love berries. Yes, Lo I take most all the photos here. Thanks for your compliment.

Have you been to Nuccio's in Alta Dena? What a fabulous place for azaleas and camellias.