Sunday, March 29, 2009


Three years ago, I had a wall of San Diego Bougainvillea. San Diego and Scarlett O'Hara varieties are essentially the same. My biggest, grandest plant (true Scarlett) was planted in the corner of the property along the wall. Sadly, a freeze last year killed (I thought) my plants. I waited until July and saw no green and no growth. It was time to move on. The loppers came out and I hacked away at the dead remains with hopes of finding some kind of life. No luck. I dug the dead stumps out and pitched them over the wall except for one stump that would not let go of the clay soil.
Amazingly, that one stump started to sprout at the end of summer. I was delighted to have a survivor; and sick that I had dug up all the others. At the end of last summer, the dude noticed what he thought was a weed in the corner of the property along the wall. Scarlett had returned to Tara! I dug her up and am now trying to nurse her back to health. The other stubborn plant is now changing its bracts to hot pink.

Kind of appropriate for Easter.

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