Thursday, March 12, 2009


The wildflowers are going buzzerk in the foothills. Wonderful. They really look great. Everything about this time of year is fairly pleasant. One problem...summer is on the way. These wildflowers will soon be stickers and fuel for wildfires when the heat of hell arrives.

Until then, I'll enjoy what so many others are wishing for.
Happy Friday the 13th!


Anonymous said...

Where did you catch those beautiful wildflowers? We saw sprinklings of them (mostly poppies) through the Tejon pass, but nothing like this.


The top photo is what the Tejon Pass will look like later this year. The other photos were taken on the hills in a park in Bakersfield -- Hart Park. The Kern River Canyon is now starting to explode with color. Good thing you made it over the pass. The snow is supposed to drop to 3000' tomorrow and the pass may close.