Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yippee! Radishes were pulled this evening to add to the salad for the dinner table. Along with BBQed Honey Mustard Chicken and a baked potato, everything was delicious. The radishes are called Sparkler. Zowy. They're peppery. So far, so good on the garden front. Today, was wonderful. It rained and was nice and cool. There's now a dusting of snow in the mountains. Wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful harvest. I'll have to consult with you on what to plant in Sonoma. Every gardening book out there seems to be written by an Englishman or someone back East. They all talk about cold frames and extending the seasons -- like we need that. I'm more worried about things burning up or drying out.


Your best source is a Sunset Western Garden Book
(check it out on OR a "local" garden shop...not the box stores. My goal is to have my tomatoes under a flowing muslin canopy ala "The Godfather".