Sunday, March 1, 2009

You're the Berries!

Little Pinkies have been planted in the holes of the cinder blocks used to form the raised vegetable beds. I've also planted two baskets that hang from the pergola. This is a new variety the owner of the garden shop named. She has asked me to report back to her and let her know how they grow, produce, and taste (most important). The berries should grow well here in the Southern San Joaquin Valley. They will be white to pink in color. Not my 1st choice; but I'm willing to try something new. I believe my biggest challenge will be to keep the birds out. Maybe my cats can help out with bird patrol.

I love fresh berries; but I hope to produce enough berries to make a batch of jam. Dang. Don't you love toast and jam? How British. I may see if I can snag a few more bareroot berries next weekend to supply me with more than enough. Bareroot season is about at its end.

Enjoy this rockin' music video from 1931.

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