Monday, March 30, 2009


These hungry bright red predators are thriving in my garden. Some are dark red. Some are orange. Some have spots. Some do not. I took a bunch of photos of ladybugs this weekend. They were everywhere. I didn't even see the aphids until the ladybugs arrived. Some of the aphids may be visible in these images if you click on the image to enlarge. The gal in the image below is going hunting so be vewy, vewy qwuiet. I believe all the tomatoes (3 different varieties) have blossoms. I have high hopes for my salsa garden. Those ladies can stick around as long as they like. Once their babies have emerged, I'll try to remember to take their baby pictures and post them here.

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Lisa Paul said...

I just bought a packet of ladybugs due to a horrendous infestation of aphids on my fava beans. I hope mine are as hungry as yours.